What You Don’t Want To Do When Trying To Makeup With Your Ex

You may have more than one relationship in your life, but what if it’s one you want to keep? Either you broke up with your partner or your partner broke up with you. The fact is that either way there are maneuvers that can get you back with your ex. There are also things that you do not want to do to accomplish your goal.

You Must Be Careful with Your Approach to Get Your Ex Back

One thing you definitely want to avoid is harassing your ex. No one likes a stalker. Since there are so many civilized ways to contact your ex, there is really no point in messing things up right off the bat. If you keep sending them messages, on MySpace or Facebook, if you keep texting them, the more likely they’ll turn off on you. It may be hard to give them space, but that’s the best thing you can do.

Stalking your ex is no way to go about trying to get them back. This is bound to ruin your chances of succeeding. It can also be a mistake to go to places where you might run into your ex. Being out with friends and enjoying yourself is okay, but going to lunch by yourself in order to spy on your ex is not. This is not going to endear you to them.

When You Lose Your Ex, Try to Stay Social

The next thing you don’t want to do is avoid social life. Since you have lost your partner, why add self-punishment to the deal? It’s bad enough not to have your special someone by your side anymore. This is no reason to avoid all contact with people in general. So do go out and have a good time among friends, even if you don’t feel like doing this. If your ex sees that you are avoiding social interaction, they will think that you are too dependent on them. By socializing, you show them that you are still good and alive.

Another thing you really should avoid is becoming depressed. This is just another way of indicating that there is life after a breakup. You shouldn’t go around feeling sorry for  yourself, as that would just tell your ex that you can’t leave without him or her. Not only will you find yourself in the midst of misery, but your ex will feel that the breakup was the right thing to do.

So of the many things that may help you to get back with your ex, try to avoid those that would just make things worse. It is, therefore, a good idea for you to take to heart the tips in this article. These tips will give you a good chance of getting back with your ex.